With Halal-certified cruise to Antarctica, food-choice based travel is the in-thing

Food-choice based cruise is the in-thing with the latest offer being Halal certified cruise to the Antarctica. In October 2023, Antara River Cruises operated a week-long vegan cruise on the Ganges for a vegan group from Europe. The second trip will be organised in September 2025.

For the first time in Antarctic history, a ten-day Halal-certified cruise will be launched to Antarctica in 2026 by Denmark’s Albatros Expeditions to attract travellers from the Muslim community. This project will be spearheaded by Rashidah Lim, the polar industry’s only female Muslim expedition leader.

On board the cruise vessel, Ocean Albatros, Muslim-friendly amenities like an alcohol-free environment, and Halal-certified dining on an adventure will be offered, the cruise operator said.

“This once-in-a-lifetime voyage promises thrilling experiences on the Last Continent, with every detail tailored to accommodate Muslim guests. Our vessel offers Muslim-friendly amenities, an alcohol-free environment and Halal-certified dining on an adventure. We will also offering ladies-only hours daily to enjoy our beautiful sauna with a panoramic view aboard our ship,” the liner said.

Departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, the ship will navigate the legendary Drake Passage towards the South Shetland Islands, aiming to arrive on the third day of our journey. Continuing southward to the Antarctic Peninsula, the ship will venture into the iconic Gerlache Strait, where towering ice cliffs and majestic peaks adorn the landscape. It will provide Zodiac landings to explore penguin rookeries, jaw-dropping Antarctic scenery and historical sites, while enjoying scenic Zodiac cruises amidst icebergs, whales, and seals. 

With an average occupancy of 175 guests, the cruise offers an intimate and unparalleled experience. Days are filled with shore landings, Zodiac safaris, and informative lectures by our Expedition Team, ensuring a truly remarkable expedition. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime in Antarctica, where jaw-dropping scenery and unforgettable wildlife encounters await.

“Non-Muslim guests should take note that non-Halal food and beverages, such as pork and alcoholic products, will not be served on this voyage,” the liner said.

Food on cruise

Food plays an important role in planning a cruise trip. Having Halal-certified kitchen on a cruise and that too in Antarctica cruise will definitely make a difference and attract many from Muslim community, said Vinod Kumar, Manager Sales – South India (Non Air Products), STIC Travel Group, the India Representative of Albatros Expedition Cruises.

“Thousands of Indians are travelling on cruises every year though there is no official data available. The number has been gradually increasing due to ease in obtaining visas. Earlier, not many Muslim travellers were on board mainly due to food choices. However, now with options of halal certified kitchens, the numbers will increase, he said. The cost depends on the category of cabin, which starts from $850 per person per night and varies as per season, he added.

If Halal-certified was for Antarctica , the Heritage River Journeys and promoter of Antara River Cruises, in October 2023 operated a week long vegan cruise on the Ganges from Kolkata traversing via Bandel; Kalna; Mayapur; Guptipara; Fulia; Chandernagore and back to Kolkata.

“Our customers at the moment are mainly from the UK, Ireland and Germany. But we are also looking at a vast number of Indian travellers who are vegetarian and will be assured of getting vegetarian meals, albeit vegan,” said Raj Singh, Chairman-Group, Heritage River Journeys and promoter of Antara River Cruises.

“We worked with over 35 vendors for procurement of specific things to meet our criteria. There was a mix of both Indian and western cuisine and worked with Indian partners for vegan ingredients like Barosi farms, Bili Hu coffees, Chamong teas and Darima cheeses. Fat Little Penguin, makers of artisanal ice creams in Kolkata, exclusively produced ten varieties of vegan ice creams and sorbets in flavours like chocolate, coconut almond and oats and granola,” he said.

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