Rs 2,000 Fine For Washing Car With Hose

Washing cars with hose, using domestic water for commercial purposes and overflowing water tanks in Delhi will attract a Rs 2,000 fine as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government takes urgent steps to tackle a water crisis in the national capital as it reels under a scorching summer.

Delhi minister Atishi, who handles the supply portfolio, has issued directions to Delhi Jal Board CEO A Anbarasu to form 200 teams to monitor and reduce cases of water wastage.

These teams will visit residential areas and check if drinking water is being wasted. Activities like washing cars with water from a pipe, overflowing water tanks, use of domestic water supply for commercial uses and use of drinking water at construction sites will be considered to be wastage. Such activities will attract a Rs 2,000 fine.

This comes a day after Ms Atishi alleged that the Haryana government is not giving Delhi its share of water this month. “On May 1, the water level in Wazirabad was 674.5, now it has dropped to 669.8. This has led to water crisis in several areas,” she said. Wazirabad has one of the six water treatment plants in Delhi.

In an appeal to Delhi residents, the minister said, “Some areas are not getting any water supply, so we will have to rationalise. The areas which receive water twice a day will now get it once a day. Please cooperate in this difficult time. “Please use water carefully. Don’t waste it at all,” she added.

Ms Atishi yesterday said the Delhi government is in talks with the Haryana government. “But the Haryana government is not releasing water, even after so many talks. If the water supply does not improve in the coming 1-2 days, we will move court. We will also go to the Supreme Court. If the water level keeps on decreasing in this acute heatwave, then Delhi might face a huge problem.”

The Opposition BJP has blamed the AAP government for the water crisis. “Delhi is currently witnessing a severe heatwave, resulting in a water crisis. It was very evident since April that Delhi would face prolonged extreme heat. I question why the Delhi government did not implement a ‘Summer Action Plan’ and failed to prepare for this crisis,” he said.

Countering the Delhi minister’s Haryana argument, he said, “They often blame Haryana for water, so I want to ask why don’t they source water from their ruling state Punjab or their coalition state, Himachal Pradesh? They can’t even give a single line answer to the question of what efforts they made to meet the water demands of Delhi.”

The water crisis in Delhi comes at a time when maximum temperature in the national capital is inching close to the 50 degrees Celsius mark. The minimum temperature is nearly 30 degrees Celsius, 2.8 degrees above normal.

The weather office said heatwave conditions in the national capital will persist for the next few days and advised people to minimise exposure to heat and stay hydrated.

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