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AI call scanner on Truecaller

AI call scanner on Truecaller

Truecaller on May 29 announced the “AI Call Scanner” feature for Android app to detect spam calls with AI-synthesised or cloned voice. According to the caller identification service provider, the feature has been trained to detect the difference between human voices and AI-synthesised voices so that it can notify users about potential scams and fraudulent activities.

Truecaller AI Call Scanner: How it work

When a user receives a suspicious phone call, they can tap on a dedicated button for AI Call Scanner on the Truecaller Phone call interface. The feature then records the voice sample from the on-going phone call and processes it leveraging the company’s own AI model, which it said has been trained to identify unique characteristics of human speech and distinguish it from AI-generated voices. The user is then notified if the caller is using a synthesised voice.

Truecaller AI Call Scanner: Rollout plan

The AI Call Scanner is rolling out as part of the premium subscription plan on the Truecaller app for Android, starting with the US. The company has confirmed that the feature will be launching in India soon. It also said that the company is actively working on a way to offer similar functionality on the Truecaller iOS app.

Truecaller said that it is considering integration of the AI Call Scanner feature into other communication platforms and devices. It also said that the company is exploring the idea of developing an AI-powered chatbot to which people could send their call recording for fraud detection and more. However, Truecaller has not confirmed the availability of these features.

First Published: May 29 2024 | 5:59 PM IST

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