Why Indian airlines are heading into financial turbulence

By C.R. YESTERDAY Gulliver wrote about SpiceJet, an Indian airline that has been accused of sexism when recruiting cabin crew: The “careers” webpage of SpiceJet, an Indian low-cost airline, begins with language that could be on any corporate recruiting website… But scroll down to the requirements for applicants to the flight-attendant positions, and the tone … Read more

British Airways admits that over 380,000 customers had their data stolen

By C.R. IT IS not a message any frequent flyer looks forward to receiving. On September 7th, British Airways (BA) said it had emailed over 380,000 customers who had booked flights with the carrier between August 21st and September 5th admitting that their credit-card details had been stolen by hackers. BA’s embattled chief executive, Alex … Read more

Ethiopian Airlines is founding new African flag carriers

By M.R. IN 1989 The Economist praised Ethiopian Airlines’ “unqualified success”, despite operating in a “disastrous economy” suffering from civil war, famine and Marxist inefficiency. Since then the airline has grown its yearly passenger numbers by over 1600%. Ethiopian is now the envy of all African governments. Most are saddled with loss-making flag-carriers or none … Read more

Congress is trying to set a minimum distance between airline seats

By A.W. | WASHINGTON, DC CONGRESS may soon pass legislation compelling airlines in America to keep a minimum seat pitch, as the distance between rows of seats is known. The reauthorisation bill for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a regulator, must be passed by September 30th. The House of Representatives passed it on September 26th … Read more

Primera Air goes bankrupt after a catastrophic summer

By M.R. PRIMERA AIR changed its low-cost business model this year by adding scheduled long-haul flights to its predominantly short-haul charter network. Hrafn Thorgeirsson, its chief executive, had said that the change was necessary to avoid the structural decline of the European market for charter flights, which has lost ground to scheduled flights. He could … Read more

Is virtual reality the future of in-flight entertainment?

By A.W. | WASHINGTON, DC FIRST there were the overhead televisions showing films. Then seatback entertainment screens were introduced. More recently, many airlines have introduced in-flight entertainment services that can be accessed on passenger smartphones via the aircraft’s wi-fi system. Could the next step in the evolution of in-flight entertainment be virtual-reality goggles? Alaska Airlines … Read more