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Samsung on July 10 unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 at the Unpacked Event it held in Paris, France. The 2024 foldable devices from the South Korean electronics maker bring more Galaxy AI features, which leverage the unique form factor of these devices to deliver novel user experience. Important to note, the newly introduced Galaxy AI features are on top of the existing ones that it rolled out to the last generation model with the OneUI 6.1 update.

Galaxy AI: What’s new

Note Assist: This native Samsung app for note taking has been upgraded with a new transcript feature, which enables transcription, translation, and summarising of voice recordings within the app. These are in addition to the existing Galaxy AI features, which offers translation, summaries, and auto formatting.

Galaxy AI in PDFs: Samsung has integrated Galaxy AI in PDF files. This is integrated within the Notes app. With the Galaxy AI, text in PDFs can be translated and overlaid through PDF overlay – supports text in images and graphs.

Composer: Another Notes app related feature, Composer is a tool to generate text based on keywords. It supports both long form text generation, for example emails, and short form, for example taglines for social media posts. Moreover, the Composer has a built-in option to set tone for the text.

Sketch to Image: The Galaxy AI is now capable of generating images based on rough sketches that you draw. On the Fold 6, which supports SPen, Sketch to Image allows you to create graphics using sketch or drawing saved in the Notes screen. On the Flip, you can draw on existing images and generate a new image.

Gemini app: Google Gemini is now offered as default assistant on both the foldable models.

Circle to Search: Google’s Circle to Search has been enhanced with two new features – live translate and homework. Live translate enables users to translate text on screen even if the texts are in more than one language. Homework is for solving math problems.

Interpreter: This has been upgraded to support the unique form factor of the foldable devices. Among the new features added to this for foldable functions are conversation mode and listen mode. In conversation mode, you can talk to the phone that translates it in real-time and show the translation on the cover display for the person on the other side to make sense of what you are saying. Listening mode is designed for one-way translation, so you can translate in real time, particularly useful during lectures or any other type of presentation.

Live Translate: Samsung is expanding this feature beyond its own native calling app to a selection of popular third-party apps.

Portrait Studio: Samsung now offers different ways to be creative with you regular portraits. The portrait studio has built-in styles, such as 3D cartoon and watercolour, to add zing to your portrait images.

First Published: Jul 10 2024 | 6:31 PM IST

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