Janhvi Kapoor Says She Was Drowning in Insecurities in 2022: ‘After Losing Mom, I Was Seeking…’

Janhvi Kapoor is Sridevi's older daughter.

Janhvi Kapoor is Sridevi’s older daughter.

Janhvi Kapoor opened up about the impact of her mother, Sridevi’s sudden death.

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor confessed she struggles with insecurity. In a recent interview, the actress said she was ‘drowning in insecurities’ when she was busy with the promotions of her 2022 film, Good Luck Jerry. She added that she still struggles with it but she has a moments of high. Janhvi also remembered her mother, late actress Sridevi and said that after her sudden death, Janvhi began to seek validations in all kinds of places, which did her no good.

“I was in a very different emotional state when you met me last. I was drowning in insecurities. I think more than I am now. I am reaching up for once in a while,” Janhvi admitted while speaking with Ranveer Allahbadia on his podcast.

“It has been conditioned into me from a very young age. When you’re entire existence and everyone around makes you feel like… and this in no way is me asking for sympathis. Everyone has different realities, this is mine. When people have such a heavy perception of you when you’re privileged and baggage, and you are made to feel apologetic about the space that you take up in the industry and the school, every time you make friends, or you do well in school or you get any sort of opportunities, it is always pinned to where you come from. You don’t know what value to give yourself individual of these aspects so I think self-worth was always a thing. I didn’t know how to assess my value,” she said.

“And after losing mom, I think I was seeking validation from a lot of places I shouldn’t have been seeking validation from,” Janhvi confessed.

Sridevi died on February 24, 2018. Her sudden rocked the country. Hundreds joined the Kapoor family to bid her farewell at the funeral ceremony. Sridevi died from accidental drowning a few months before Janhvi made her acting debut with Dhadak. Over the years, Janhvi has spoken about Sridevi and how much she misses her.

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