Deadpool & Wolverine: Is Taylor Swift Lady Deadpool? Fans Are Convinced She’s Making Her MCU Debut

Taylor Swift is rumoured to appear in Deadpool & Wolverine.

Taylor Swift is rumoured to appear in Deadpool & Wolverine.

Taylor Swift is rumoured to be making a cameo in Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool & Wolverine.

Is Taylor Swift playing Lady Deadpool? Well, several fans have come up with the interesting fan theory after Deadpool & Wolverine dropped a new trailer. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman released a new trailer over the weekend, featuring new footage from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film. However, the highlight of the trailer was the glimpse of Lady Deadpool. While Marvel Studios haven’t revealed her identity, fans were quick to guess that it could be Taylor Swift.

For months now, it has been rumoured that Taylor might have a cameo in the film. It all started in October 2023, when she was spotted with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Soon, reports began floating that Taylor might be playing the role of Dazzler in the film. However, with Lady Deadpool teased in the new trailer, fans are now speculating that Taylor might be playing Lady Deadpool.

“All these rumors of taylor swift possibly appearing as dazzler, but what if she’s lady Deadpool the whole time ,” a fan said. “Taylor Swift’s deadpool suit will always be iconic!” teased another. “Definitely feeling like #LadyDeadpool is going to be Taylor Swift,” added another. “It would be funny af if they got a taylor swift lookalike to play lady Deadpool,” joked another.

A few fans also speculated that Taylor might appear as Dazzler whereas Blake Lively could appear as Lady Deadpool.

Meanwhile, a few months ago, Ryan Reynolds addressed the Taylor Swift in Deadpool 3 rumours and gave a cryptic reaction. He told Vancouver Sun in November 2023, “Yeah, I’ve heard that one…I love it (the gossip). I think it is a sign of how eager people are to get a peek behind the curtain in this world. Every single one of these secrets and spoilers will be revealed on July 26.”

Deadpool & Wolverine director Shawn Levy also addressed the rumours in a chat with Entertainment Tonight and jokingly said, “I can’t even believe that you would dare ask me a question that you know I can’t answer. You know I can’t answer. All of America knows I can’t answer that. I will say as I said earlier here at CinemaCon. The proliferation of rumors about who is and isn’t in this movie is fabulous. Because no one will ever know the truth until July 26th.”

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