These startups are heading to Richard Branson’s private island

Founders of Bloom Technologies, Giroptic and Sphero will pitch directly to Richard Branson. What’s it like to pitch to Richard Branson? Soon, three startups will know firsthand. As part of the Extreme Tech Challenge, entrepreneurs from three companies will travel to Necker Island, Branson’s private island, and pitch their business directly to the titan. Sphero, … Read more

Take a weed break at work. It’s allowed!

Isaac Dietrich [center], co-founder of MassRoots, at his startup’s weekly rooftop Cannibis smoking session. At most offices in America, smoking a joint during your lunch break or eating cannabis-laced brownies at your desk would land you in HR. But in some states, not only won’t you be punished — you might be rewarded. Kyle Sherman … Read more

You get $500K. But first you have to move to Ohio.

Women entrepreneurs meet with JumpStart staff at a networking event in October 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio has a message for women- and minority-led startups: Move to the Buckeye State and you have a real shot at getting funding. Leading the charge is Cleveland-based JumpStart, a nonprofit that invests in young tech firms. “Part of … Read more

How Shark Tank star made his billions

Daymond John, best known as an investor on ABC’s reality series Shark Tank, grew up the only child of a single mother living in Queens, New York. He would often stare out onto the Manhattan skyline at one of the city’s primary symbols of success and ambition: The Empire State Building. Today, his company’s offices … Read more

SafiChoo toilet could save lives in developing world communities

Jasmine Burton helped design an inexpensive, portable plastic toilet to address the lack of basic sanitation around the world. Everybody poops. But not everyone has access to a toilet. “It’s shocking that this basic necessity is unavailable to nearly half of the world,” said Jasmine Burton, founder and president of Atlanta-based Wish for WASH. Burton, … Read more

Say goodbye to plastic sandwich bags

Kat Nouri with her Stasher silicone sandwich bag. Kat Nouri has a love-hate relationship with plastic. As an artist and product designer, she’s enamored with its transparency and the endless creative uses for it. But as a mother, and an environmentally-conscious consumer, she’s disgusted by it. “Plastic is a big part of our daily lives. … Read more

Death Wish Coffee scores a free 30 second Super Bowl ad

Touchdown for Death Wish Coffee Company! The startup just scored a free 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl on February 7. The Super Bowl is the most watched event of the year and is notoriously expensive for advertisers. A 30-second ad during this year’s game is expected to cost a record-breaking $5 million. But for … Read more

Women are reshaping the gun industry

Women are buying handguns in record numbers — especially weapons that are small enough to conceal. But they are frustrated by the lack of firearm accessories catering to them. So some are starting companies of their own to tailor products to women. “I thought to myself, ‘Where’s all the women’s stuff?’” said Lorelei Fay of … Read more

Jane West – The women of marijuana

Jane West cofounded Women Grow, a professional networking group for female cannabis entrepreneurs, in 2014. The group’s first event had 70 attendees. Today, Women Grow has chapters in 44 cities, 21,000 newsletter subscribers and 30,000 followers on Instagram. Related: Women cash in on the marijuana boom “I was stunned that the industry was mostly made … Read more

Women cash in on the marijuana boom

Giadha DeCarcer, a former investment banker, is founder and CEO of New Frontier, a data analysis provider for the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is quickly becoming a magnet for female entrepreneurs. Medical or recreational marijuana is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. As legalization has increased, so have sales. In 2013, … Read more