BTS’ Jin Reveals Losing His Temper On Fellow Soldier: ‘He Kept Joking Around’

Jin made sure that his squad members stayed healthy. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Jin made sure that his squad members stayed healthy. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

BTS’ Jin opened up about a moment when he lost his cool with a fellow soldier who kept joking around.

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, was recently discharged from the military service and he organised a memorable reunion with ARMYs on the band’s 11th anniversary. While the singer is known for his playful and vibrant personality, Jin recently shared a different side of himself in an interview with Weverse Magazine. The idol opened up about a moment when he lost his cool with a younger soldier who made a mistake and then joked around. Despite the incident, Jin showed kindness towards his fellow squad members, as he often treated them with tasty meals. Interestingly, due to his generous and caring nature, his squad called him, God.

Revealing the reason behind him getting angry, Jin explained, “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 10 years already and there’s still tons I don’t know. I make mistake and there was only one time I lost my temper. One soldier did something wrong but kept joking around and saying, ‘I’ll figure it out myself, sir,’ and ‘I told him, it’s okay if you make mistakes. It’s not like I know everything. I make mistakes, too. But if a senior soldier tells you to do something, you have to at least pretend to listen. You can’t keep goofing around like that. I get it, everyone’s different. But you at least have to figure out why you made that mistake. I’ll tell you how to do it one more time, so don’t mess around anymore.”

Despite any mistakes made by his team, Jin made sure that everyone stayed healthy and had access to good food. He explained that many of his squad members were young and inexperienced, so he felt responsible for their well-being. Being more financially stable due to his singing career, Jin often bought them so much fried chicken, jokbal and pizza, that they got tired of these foods. He even took soldiers from other barracks out for barbecues. Further, he shared how they would tease him about his day and in return, he’d joke about not buying them dinner. Despite the teasing, he always ended up treating them.

“That made people in my squad call me a god, not to brag. As soon as they saw me, they’d say, ‘Worship him.’ Those guys were always so good to me, so I kept a smile on my face all throughout my service and told them, ‘It’s okay, everybody makes mistakes. You haven’t done anything seriously wrong. Honestly, just because I joined the military six months earlier doesn’t make me any better,” Jin added.

When Jin completed his military service, BTS members, Suga, J Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, welcomed him back with great excitement. However, while leaving, his squad members got emotional and teary-eyed.

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